Amtrak Commute Today

I’ve had this contingency plan ready for awhile but excited to try it out tonight. Late meeting + traffic on 90 and 405 means I bought a mini Amtrak ride between Seattle and Tacoma for the 6:10 train. Only one stop that isn’t mine in Tukwila.

I waited until the last minute to buy my ticket on mobile when I realized I would miss the 5:45p Sounder. Cool thing about this train is it only stops once in Tukwila before my stop. I can pull off this same move from Tukwila in the future but I was worried about the mobile ticket purchase + it’s COLD today so sitting on a warm train drinking beer > waiting on the Tukwila platform.

Crossing my fingers that Amtrak and Sound Transit partner for the rail plus program like they do on the North Sounder so I can do this all the time with my company ORCA. If that happens it will be after the Point Defiance Bypass opens in Spring 2019 when Sounder and Amtrak share Tacoma Dome Station as planned.

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