Even after doing this commute for over 6 months I’m still trying out new options. Sometimes this is hard and I learn a lesson the hard way like missing my foot ferry and fast ferry when I discovered no parking at the Annapolis foot ferry.

Other times I learn a new trick that works great and I can keep it up my sleeve.

Yesterday I had a late business dinner so having my car in Bellevue meant a 55 min commute(half my usual) if I could only get my car there without too much pain.

I’ve never driven onto the ferry in the AM for my morning commute. I figured it would be too competitive and I’d drive up to a full ferry and miss the ferry altogether. I decided to give it a go because I had to know.

I began keeping an eye on the Bremerton drive up availability status page. Every route has one. I decided 20 mins prior to sailing felt safe.

Much to my surprise it was a very pleasant experience. Got the car in line, enough time to grab a Starbucks at the terminal and easy traffic to Bellevue. I’ll definitely do it again in a similar circumstance.

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