The Human Connection

One of my favorite parts of alternative commuting has been the people I meet. Not only does it pass the time to have a conversation with a stranger or regular commuting buddy, it can also serve practical purposes.

My vanpool continually looks out for each other when little hiccups happen. The Bremerton Fast Ferry group shares coveted reservations, onboards nervous new commuters, shares parking tips and more.

Eventually you also start being the expert. From the lady who slept through her Sounder stop or the blind person you help get on the correct bus. Being with other humans helps you build empathy and make the experience better for all.

Today was “Take your child to work day” and this was about the most precious sight to start my day. He also called out the “all aboard” and received an all train ovation. Another day the train attendant brought in coffee and doughnuts for the riders.

My stories of other great human connections are constant and daily but one of the big reasons why I prefer this over driving alone.

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