The Devil You Know

The devil you know, is better than the one you don’t as the saying goes. After one year of mega-commuting and trying out every which way, I’m beginning to settle into my favorites. There’s a certain beauty in this. I don’t pour over timetables with my morning coffee. I don’t run. I don’t dwell at transfers too long. I’ve tried ferries, fast ferries, foot ferries, water taxis, bikes, buses, carpools, vanpools, work shuttles, run commutes and more.

When my office location moved further east on I-90, my already long mega-commute got even longer and I had to re-work my strategy. Some days I would see my previous 1:45-2 hr. commute stretch up to 2:30. Yikes.

Now I’m going Sounder/vanpool (probably technically called a vanshare). The majority of riders live somewhere along the south Sounder line but we all catch the same train and hop off together in Tukwila to fight our way north up I-405.

On good traffic days I’m now flirting with beating the 1:30 mark. I may just turn into a regular commuter after all! What I do know is that I’m now matching or beating my drive alone or even carpool time but I’m getting an hour of that time to myself to be productive and doing it for an extremely minimal cost.

I’ll probably return back to some more fun route adventuring this summer. In particular I’m hoping to work in more bike exercise. For now, I’m going to enjoy having this thing down for a little while.

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