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A new upside to my office moving further east is I have all kinds of new run and bus options. Today I snuck in a lunch run through Lake Sammamish State Park to PCC Market to stock up on some Thanksgiving essentials. The 271 bus was perfectly timed to return me back.

Paine Field opens up to commercial flights in February and you can now book flights on Alaska.

Seattle has been in need of a 2nd airport for some time. The Port of Seattle now recommends arriving 2 hour early for domestic flights due to long security wait times.

Those in other large cities (SF, LA, NY, etc.) know the luxury of choosing your departure airport for purposes of geography, price, convenience and more. I’m also a fan of the tiny airports that make flying out of so much easier (Santa Rosa, Burbank…)

It remains to be seen if flying in/out of here is actually convenient but some quick mapping for flight around rush hour makes it appears like it might work out.

Paine Field – Door to Gate: 3 hours

  • Drive to Kingston (59 mins)
  • Parking/Buffer Time (20 mins)
  • Ferry (30 mins)
  • Uber or Lyft to Airport (30 mins)
  • Time to clear security (45 mins?)

SeaTac – Door to Gate: 3:50

  • Drive to Airport: 1.5 hrs


  • Parking: 20 mins
  • Security: 2 hours

As for parking at the Kingston Ferry:

There are 238 parking spaces available for public use and 13 spaces for individuals with disabilities. Currently the regular daily parking fee is $6.00 per 12 hour increments or $12.00 for 24 hours. The machines are capable of accepting multiple days in one transaction­-up to 14 consecutive days. – Port of Kingston

In comparison, parking at Seatac will set you back $30/day for parking at the gate. Offsite parking is ~$15 + taxes/fees.

For the right destination/flight time, this may just make sense one day for me. I suspect those more north in the Kitsap Peninsula it will make even more sense.

Also, if I’m ever coming from my office, this will sit me square in the middle for travel times. From my office the commute times are 30 mins (16.5mi) to SEA and 37 mins (27.3)  to PAE?? My company also runs shuttles to nearby locations up north so I figure a Shuttle + Uber/Lyft from there might be both reasonable in cost and time.


Could be crazy. Could make sense who knows. I wonder if I can make a lockjaw make sense.

So let’s get this post out of the way so I can get to the fun stuff. Hi, I’m Ryan. I moved to Gig Harbor from Seattle about 6 months ago. I work at T-Mobile in Bellevue 3-4x days a week and this is going to be my story about my mega-commute journey.

Today’s AM commute

6:25 – Left home

6:50 – Arrived at Port Orchard Foot Ferry Dock

7-7:12 – Foot Ferry to Bremerton

Walking on to the Foot Ferry today I got my first glimpse at the new vessel to be used for the Kingston Fast Ferry, which begins service after Thanksgiving. I can only imagine the Kingston to Seattle commuters are going to be thrilled.

Melissa Anne in Port Orchard

7:20-8:20 Bremerton Washington State Ferry

(This is always my favorite part of the journey. Great time for pretty much anything… working, walking, coffee, beers, etc. I’m always amazed on how many people I see sleeping down on one side of the booth seating. Maybe I’ll get it after awhile. So far I’ve been unable to sleep on any commute.

8:29-8:55 554E to Eastgate FWY Station

8:55-9 Walk to Eastgate P&R

9:05-9:10 271 Bus to 158th/Eastgate

(Attempted the new Ride2 service, which looked like it would be great timing but as I sat there waiting, my plan b (271 bus) showed up so I took the “bird in hand”. Sidenote: I used Ride2 a week ago scoring a backup as one of the first riders and it worked great getting me from work to Eastgate P&R. I’ll give it a few more tries.

9:10-9:15 Walk from bus stop to office. Arrived!

Total Time:  2:50 mins.

In my old office I was satisfied if I cracked the 2 hour mark. Now being further east I’ll be shooting for 2:20.

Learnings/Fun Facts:

  1. Try the 8am Fast Ferry to shave off :30 With my new office, bus connections aren’t so much of an issue since the 212, 217 and 554 all hit the Eastgate P&R or FWY Station.
  2. Ride2 is great when it works. I submitted the ride from the app in between Mercer Island and Eastgate today. Perhaps try calling it while ON Mercer Island or sooner. This could shave 5 mins waiting and 5 mins walking. Whiteboard strategy session with coworker below with a similar problem coming from Seattle. Also in play are the company shuttles that run between HQ/Sunset/3305 buildings all around Eastgate. Other options include Lyft (subsidized by TMO), Limebike and walking when all else fails from Eastgate.IMG_4877.jpg
  3. Today I went through 3 counties (Pierce, Kitsap and King).

All in all a good commute and fitting first post since I used the 4 different public transportation agencies:

  • Kitsap Transit
  • WSF
  • Sound Transit (554)
  • KC Metro (271)

That’s it for now.  Car is in Port Orchard so plan is to return back via WSF this PM unless I somehow score a 5:10 Fast Ferry reservation, which is the hardest Ferry ticket in town. :/